Monday, April 5, 2010

40 Days of Catching Up!

What started out as giving up Facebook for Lent turned in to basically giving up the internet all together! I was still checking blogger at the beginning but I found it to tempting to even be sitting at the computer so I just decided to stay away from it completely for the 40 days and to tell you the truth it wasn't that bad! Other than missing out on a few invites for things, I really didn't miss it. Yesterday, when I could actually get on, I found my self not even really wanting to. I decided I would much rather spend time with my family then sit in the other room and play on the computer. So, what I thought would be the longest 40 days of my "social" life turned out to be just fine! However, 40 days in a two year olds life is like a life-time and my, my how our life has changed in this house in 40 days! So needless to say their is ALOT of catching up to do! So, I hope your comfortable because this is going to be my longest post yet......


Yes, since I was last on here we have learned that instead of being a family of 3 we are now going to be a family of 4! Around October, Addyson is going to be a Big Sister! We have told her but I don't think she quite understands that she is going to have share EVERYTHING yet! I am about 14 weeks so right now "Baby C" is about the size of a lemon.It is about 3 1/2 inches and weighs about 1 1/2 ounces. So far so good! This pregnancy has been totally different than with Addyson. I have felt great! No sickness, only a little tired but compared to Addyson this is like a walk in the park!

School Days!

So, as most you know, I am not working now and it has been great, for me. However, my little "social butterfly" began asking me if she could go back to school. So, with the help of friends I found her a "Kids Day Out" one day a week. It was hard at first because she didn't know anyone but now she loves it! Here are some pictures from her first day....

At her new school we have to pack a lunch. So, she got to pick out a new lunchbox. Of course, she picked Dora!

Here is our little princess all ready to go!

Gardening Time!

Addyson LOVES to be outside so this year I decided that we would plant her a little garden. My dad always plants a big garden every year so he sent her some supplies. They sent her some tomatoe and green bean plants that you start inside and a little bag of gardening tools to help get the job done. EVERY DAY after these things came she asked if we could "play" garden. So, on Friday we planted her little plants inside to start. I have to show you this picture because I just thought it was to cute....

This is Addyson "watching" her garden grow!

Easter Sunday!

First, I hope everyone's Easter was great! Our was wonderful! We went to church in the morning and then enjoyed the rest of the day with family. The weather was amazing! We did our usual Sunday morning church service but instead of Sunday school the kids hunted eggs. Addyson was terrified of the Easter bunny as usual but all in all she made it through the hunt and got more eggs and more candy that she didn't need! Then we went to The Caldwells for lunch and a small easter egg hunt for Addyson. My family and Chris's family do not get together a lot so the holidays are always nice when every one is together. Here are some pictures from our fun day...

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