Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday also known as Fat Tuesday is the day before the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday. In the United Kingdom and many other countries, the day is often known as Pancake Day. Making and eating such foods was considered a last feast with ingredients such as sugar, fat and eggs, whose consumption was traditionally restricted during the ritual fasting associated with Lent.

While our church doesn't participate in the ritual fasting, we still recognize the day and have a small little service. We didn't have pancakes but we did have yummy pizza! After dinner, the kids made some Mardis Gras masks.

Addyson, Opa, and Nana worked on her mask and it came out pretty cute. Don't you think??

After craft time, the kids buried a box of "alleluias" outside until Easter Sunday when they will dig it up and we resume saying the word "alleluia." We also all gathered around the "weber" (a grill) to burn the palm leaves and Lenten ornaments from last year for the ashes for tonights Ash Wednesday service.

If you celebrate Ash Wednesday, tomorrow you will give up something for 40 days or until Easter Sunday. I will be giving up Facebook! I will be VERY out of touch for a month in a half. If you celebrate, what are you giving up?

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