Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blatent Advertisment

So, I have some pretty creative friends that played a part in Addyson's birthday celebration that I feel everyone should know about it and use when ever an occasion comes up.

First, Addyson's very cute cake was made by Rockstar Cakes. Jessica Kelly is the owner/creator of the cakes. I have known her since I don't even know when. We lived next door to each other for half my life. She does amazing work. Here is Addyson's cake again....

She does all kinds of cakes, not just birthdays. So, check her out next time you are in need.

Next, is not only a friend but my cousin Leslie. She owns Baby Goodness Boutique. She is a stay at home mom who needed to make some extra money. So she bought an embroidery machine and a sewing machine and taught her self some skills. She does amazing things. She sells all sorts of cute things for your little ones. I have ordered many things from her but she made Addyson two full size hooded towels for her birthday that are just precious!

Here are some pictures of Addyson enjoying her gift.

Check out her website next time their is a holiday and you need a gift or a birthday comes up. She has all kinds of fun things.

Finally, their is Natalie. Natalie owns Sweet Lemons Gifts. She does thank you cards, invitations, labels, and all kinds of cool stuff. She did not do Addyson's invitations because she cannot do die cut but I did ask! However, I did order some thank you cards and some labels and they came out great! She has these really awesome fill-in thank you cards where you just write the name of the person who gave you the gift and what it was! It saves a ton of time with thank you cards! Here are the ones I ordered for Addyson...

Lilly Kate, which is Natalie's daughter, gave Addyson these for her birthday along with matching labels.

I just love these with the ice cream cone! Next time you are need of some note cards or thank you notes. Go to Natalie's etsy store. She has some really cute things!

All three of these women are amazingly talented and are using those talents to try and support themselves and their families. So check them out!

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  1. Thanks so much for the advertisement! I am so glad that Addy likes her towels!