Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bread Jewelry

Let me just set the scene for you:

Fancy restauraunt, you know the dark kind with the candles on the tables. Leather bound menus, NO kids menu, No high chairs, just a booster seat for you to sit in another chair. If you have ever done this every time your child moves an inch the booster seat slides so its not very safe. And no crayons! Basically, this restaurant was not made for young children.

So, what does my very active two year old do because she is bored......

She makes bread jewelry!

Yes, she ate the middle out of all the bread on the table and turned them into Bangles!

After that got old, she started doing this......

Putting it up to her face and saying "I see you Mama!"

Oh, kids do the darndest things!


  1. hahaha!! i can just see her doing this.. KIDS! gotta love them! :)

  2. She is so funny!! I love her!! Gotta give her credit for being so dang creative!! LOL

  3. This was hilarious. Sounds like we have a future Project Runway contestant on our hands.