Friday, July 31, 2009

Camping at the beach???

Did you know that people camp at the beach? They do and some even in tents! I have never heard of such but last week that is exactly what we did and it was great! Except we were in a camper not a tent. Are you crazy, it was HOT! Their were people camping in tents and I commend them for REALLY wanting to go the beach but I think I would rather stay home then sweat to death in a tent, at the beach, in July!

Anyways, my Dad lives in Georgia and owns a very nice camper that he takes everywhere including the beach. So, Addyson, Chris and myself piled in the car and made the seven hour journey south to the coast of Alabama. We spent the week playing in the sand, basking in the sun, and enjoying spending time with family that we never get to see for a week at a time!

So back to the camping thing...It was great. We stayed in the state park, which was very nice. Now our camper has air conditioning and a bathroom so we were not ruffing it or anything but the girls still used the bath house for showers because the shower in the camper is big enough for small children under the age of ten or men. Women have to have room to move around. We have legs to shave! So not only was the place nice but it only cost 25.00 a night! Yes, 25.00 dollars a night. You can stay their for an entire week for what you can stay in a condo for two nights. It's amazing. We did have to drive around the corner to the beach but who cares for 25.00!

We made alot of great memories on this trip....

My little beach bum!

Papa and Addyson searched for seashells....

Daddy and Addyson played in the water.....

And me, I relaxed and read a book! The week was perfect!

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