Monday, October 26, 2009

Disney Character Breakfast

On Saturday, the whole Caldwell clan headed to Millington to the military base for the Disney Character Breakfast. Now, we were not sure how Addyson would do with this because she is absolutely terrified of dressed up characters. We do not do Santa or the Easter bunny. If she even sees them it is instant tears! However, she loves Tinkerbell and that was one of the characters that was going to be their so we decided to try it out.

It was very cool. They fed us breakfast and gave the kids stickers, crayons, and color sheets to keep them occupied while waiting for the characters to arrive. They also played Disney movies on these big TV screens. The whole event was hosted by Cruel la D' Ville. They gave each kid an autograph book so that they could get the characters autographs.

Addyson did pretty good. She got to meet.....

The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Tinkerbell, which is her absolute favorite. I think we have watched this movie every other day since her birthday!

And Snow White.

Speaking of Disney, I came across two really GREAT deals on some Disney movies for Christmas presents and I just have to share. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was just released in the BlueRay/DVD combo pack on Oct 6. has it on sale for $19.99. When you go to check out use the code: snowhite and you get $10.00 off. I bought this for Addyson and I think with shipping and everything it was around $12.50.

Also, the new Tinkerbell movie is being released tomorrow Oct. 27. Their is a $10.00 off coupon here. Obviously, I have not purchased this one yet because it comes out tomorrow but I have heard that it will sell for $24.99 which would make the final price $14.99. It is said that just the DVD will sell for $15.99. So, either way this will be a good deal!

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