Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party

For the past few months, I have been saying that I was going to teach myself how to do appliques. I even bought all of the materials to do so but I have never taken the time to try any projects. Chris is out of town for a few days and today is Addyson's Halloween party at school, so last night I decided I was going to make her a shirt to wear. So, being that this was my first try; I had no expectations. I originally was going to do a pumpkin but I came across the word "BOO" on a coloring page and thought that maybe a little easier for my first try. Well, I was wrong. The sewing part was a lot more difficult that I had anticipated because of all of the circles that I had to sew. Any other time it would have probably looked ridiculous because it really wasn't straight but being that it is for Halloween it doesn't look to bad for my first try. What do you think?

Here is my little pumpkin this morning when she was all ready for school. Of course I had to bribe her with Curious George fruit snacks just so she would let me take her picture!

Then she was playing Peek A Boo around the cabinet while I was trying to get her picture!

Last year, I found this really quick recipe for some very cute Halloween cookies. I made them againt his year for her new class.

Aren't they cute?

All you do is take Nutter Butter cookies and dip them in white chocolate. Let them dry on wax paper. Take some black icing and give them eyes and a mouth and you have GHOST! So easy and cute! We have a busy weekend planned this weekend. Lots of Halloween festivites for the "Whoo Family." I am very excited! Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend. Happy Halloween!

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  1. Very cute cookies! Nutter Butters provide a great platform for holiday cookies. I made 'Rudolph' cookies one Christmas...All it took was a couple of stick pretzels (stuck between the top of the cookies for antlers, a red hot for the nose and two mini-M&M's for eyes. Ta da....Christmas cookies. Good job on the shirt too. Addyson looks adorable!